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A workshop on entrepreneurial development for teachers

Most schools in many countries are public organisations, founded and run by the state and its institutions, working on the basis of a more less fixed curriculum, being responsible for pupils of a defined area or of defined professions with teachers as civil servants. Companies on the other hand are business organisations, mostly private owned, that are producing goods and services or dealing with them, working in a market, where they have to find their customers, being confronted with competitors and suppliers, bargaining on prices, conditions of delivery, quantities and so on.

Entrepreneurship as a complex set of abilities is normally connected with the business sector and not so much with educational organisations. Forced by the ongoing changes in all areas of societies, schools are in the situation to change themselves into the direction of organisations that can answer not only on the long-term needs of young people, but also getting flexible to cope with actual needs of education and training of individuals, institutions and companies.

This challenge confronts the responsible persons, especially the leading group, to change themselves and to learn new skills and different habits. In a world, where students, who finish their professional education should and want not only work as employees, but get also the chance to set up their own business and find their way in a more self-responsible way. Schools, especially vocational education schools have to answer on this demand.

This seminar will help its participants to set up the conditions for being an intrapreneur and to develop the school and learning-organisation into a more flexible and intrapreneurial process, including different stakeholders as for example parents, communities, companies and entrepreneurial associations as a model for their pupils, that enables them to develop entrepreneurial skills like responsibility, initiative, creating value, developing consciousness about costs and benefits and to respect the customer as the target and key-person of every enterprise.


  • To understand the entrepreneurial approach in schools
  • To understand service-orientation
  • To understand the customer - supplier relationship in education
  • To develop an personal approach to entrepreneurship
  • To understand the school organisation as a means for development of eentrepreneurship
  • To understand curriculum as a means of entrepreneurship
  • To motivate colleagues and students as partners of entrepreneurship in schools
  • To prepare participants to run entrepreneuurship projects in their school and classroom work

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Find out relevant subject in the curriculum to connect it with entrepreneurial activities
  • To reorganise curriculum and the learning organisation according to eentreprenneurial aims
  • To establish service orientation in school
  • To co-operate with students in a customer oriented manner
  • To develop entrepreneurial projects
  • Organise contacts between schools an companies
  • To build up an entrepreneurial project structure inside the school and with the stakeholders


  • Two days initial workshop
  • For to six weeks projekt work in the organisation
  • Three days follow-up and evaluation workshop